Technical Production and Management

Our professional trajectory has placed us at the forefront of large projects in the entertainment sector, giving viability to the proposals of designers, directors and producers.

Technical Production and Management

Illusion delivers not only high-end technical production services, but also technical staffing and management: a solid combination that makes the full and thorough implementation of all our projects possible. We actively participate and offer support throughout the entire process, from the drawing board plans and ideas with the creative team to the logistics, assembly and fit-up of the technical and audiovisual equipment, right up to rehearsals and the day the curtain finally goes up.

Project Management

Managing live entertainment productions and major events requires expertise and detailed knowledge of the project at hand. At Illusion Stage, we are able to anticipate any technical hiccups or constraints to smoothly execute our clients’ artistic proposals and successfully deal with any challenges that may come up.

One of the most important parts of the process entails economically assessing the project and drawing up budgets for the building and assembly of sets or scenery, as well as costs related to sourcing technical equipment, etc.

We are unwavering in our commitment to manage our clients’ budgets expertly as we select choice sourcing options while striving to stay below budget.

All execution, fit-up and rehearsal times are agreed upon jointly with the production company and management. Schedules and strategies are established that will set the pace of the work and logistics that need to be carried out in order to guarantee that all deadlines are met.

Technical Staffing and Management

Managing the technical staff and crew is a fundamental part of a production because these professionals are the ones who will be responsible for carrying out the stage build before the show gets up and running.

It is crucial to accurately define the assembly and fit-up times and coordinate all the different sections involved, including rigging, lighting, props, sound, stage managers, costumes, etc. Furthermore, in order to put together a solid team and use each technician to their fullest potential, it is equally necessary to keep in mind the specific requirements of the project when assigning each crewmember with their specific tasks, scheduling maintenance and holding team leader meetings.